What have I learnt about Affiliate Marketing so far?

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At 53 I have wanted to learn how to do Affiliate Marketing for a few years now.  But I could never have the time to sit down and really figure it out.  Due to the Pandemic and the fact that I am classed as one of the vulnerable.  I decided a long time ago that I needed to make money from home. A few years ago I was ill with my Sickle Cell and I came to the conclusion that Online Marketing seemed like the best choice. 


A few weeks ago I made up my mind that I am going to Learn this skill once and for all.  So I was watching a video and I clicked on a link, as you do, and it led me down a rabbit hole.  I am still going down that rabbit hole to be honest but in the mean time I also came across 12 Min Affiliate and I was curious so I clicked on that link.  There is a lot to learn but at least with this system your funnels are set up straight away you just have to follow the instructions step by step which wasn’t too bad as I managed to do it myself even though there is an option for them to do it for you.


One of the important things that I have learned is that to be successful at Affiliate Marketing you have to concentrate and build an email list.  I have heard this before and to be honest that is what turned me off at the time. As I had no clue how to build an email list and couldn’t be bothered at the time to do the research.

With this system, they have a way to get traffic to your email list, but they do advise you how to get free traffic as well.  I realize that to do Affiliate Marketing you have to take the long term view.  At first just focus on your email list, and don’t be in a rush to make money.  Also you have to pay attention to building a relationship with the people that opt in to your Email list.  I will use their method, however not wanting to spend too much money I am going to try and learn about Email Marketing and tap in to a few streams of Free Traffic to get people to my list.


I decided that I am going to use Pinterest, as I already use it and know how to create pins and also it is a very good search engine to drive traffic, so I am told.  Also I am going to create a Niche Specific Blog, where I can send the traffic, and then from there I will include my Affiliate Links throughout each Blog and then hopefully Voila! I will be able to build a business.


Also with this system, they have created loads of sales emails and opt in pages, bridge pages and funnels so that everything works automatically and there are a lot of training videos to answer questions you may have and you can also get in touch with them with a query.  


I plan on going through every video step by step to really learn what it takes to be an Affiliate Marketer. I am going to learn it inside out, so that I can have the success that I want.



If you would like to know more about 12 Min Affiliate click here :-  https://bit.ly/ehh3opt 



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