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We publish books for People who are suffering from Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease/ Brain Injury.

Sometimes it may be hard to reach your loved ones, these books help promote conversation and help to spark long term memories.

All Picture No Text Books for Seniors

These benefit those who have Dementia/Alzheimer’s or people who have suffered a stroke or maybe have problems with reading.

Re-Connecting with our loved ones

These books help to promote conversation which can enable memories to be sparked. Good times can be spent together with these books.

Re-wiring the Brain

Memories are there but they are hard to reach.   The discussions that these images will promote will help with that.

Full of beautiful color images   that stimulate long-term memories

Share the fun and calming experience with a loved one by flipping through this photo book

Happy conversations or memories, strengthening a sense of self confidence and identity

Reignite the love of books for elderly readers with dementia.

Our books are especially designed for senior adults

So as not to be demeaning.

Watch out for positive responses in regards to particular pictures

Ask if it is making them think of anything, but avoid asking specific questions with factual answers.

This can be used in a group or care setting

It can bring individuals with dementia together and can be used as an entertaining activity that helps alleviate boredom or depression.

These series of books are also available in a Kindle Format

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