Affiliate marketing lets you work from the comfort of your own home.   Companies allow the affiliates to promote their goods and services and in exchange for each lead that turns into a sale, the company will give the Affiliate a commission.  Some commissions are modest and others are high ticket, which means the Affiliate can make a lot of money for each sale.

How does it all work

Simply put The Affiliate finds a product that they want to promote and one of the things that they can do, is drive traffic to the company’s offer.  Before hand they receive a tracking code so that the company knows who promoted their product and who should get paid for the sale.  All the affiliate has to do is get potential customers to see and click onto the offer and their job is done.  The company does the rest.


An important part of this business is to collect email addresses so that you can build a relationship with and continue to promote different offers to these interested people.


The 12 Minute Affiliate Marketing system is a system for beginners who want to start Affiliate Marketing.  It allows them to get everything set up and ready to launch.  The system can be set up  in about an hour with full step by step instructions and there is full support whenever you need it.



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