How does Sketching & Drawing benefit us?

How does Sketching & Drawing benefit us and help us to cope with our busy hectic lives?  

Hobbies such as sketching & drawing benefit us because they are a fantastic method to relax and unwind after a busy day at the workplace. When you are absorbed in sketching and doodling, it takes your mind off any stress factor, which can help your mind to become restful and calm. Sketching and drawing are beneficial hobbies that you can do at any time. Especially as you can take paper or a sketchbook with you where ever you go. There are many good reasons to start this easy hobby, but right here are few of the best!

Sketching and drawing is a amazing method to enhance your innovative skills and begin to use your imagination. Art is good for problem solving because it shows you that generally there is more than one way to resolve an issue. Art encourages open minded thinking and creativity, that is clearly beneficial for personal growth and problem solving, therefore skills you learn through sketching can be implemented in many areas to your life.

Sketching aids development of a number of areas of your brain. Your ability to focus and pay attention is strengthened, a skill that can be very beneficial throughout your career. It additionally develops hand-eye coordination in order that normal tasks can become less difficult for you. But it additionally develops strategic thinking, a concept that can be useful to anyone.

Sketching may even enhance your holistic health. As you build your self confidence and self belief through your art and your sketches & as you improve, You will get a sense of success and begin feeling proud of your achievements which may in turn bring you self assurance that will extend to the rest of your life. Having self belief in your abilities -whatever they are- is an exceptionally beneficial thing to have.

Rest and a sense of calm is one of the main blessings of sketching, as a interest. Sketching permits you to sit down and steadily create an image at your very own pace. There are no people telling you what to do, you can just draw something you want to, and really enjoy yourself as you do it.

Sketching can also help you enhance your communication skills. Because there are no words, the artist finds different ways to communicate with the audience. This will assist you to advance your skills of communication by increasing your awareness of your own emotions.

Sketching is remarkable for a number of distinct reasons. It doesn’t have to be with just pencil and paper. All of these blessings come from this simple act of slowing down and drawing. By doing this hobby every area of your life can be enhanced.

I like to document my thoughts and ideas in a Sketchbook.  So I designed some simple sketchbooks that are bright and inspiring and easy to find when you want to record your concepts or do simple doodles.

They are bright and modern and most of them measure 8.5″ x 11″ but please check before you buy.

They can be obtained from Amazon.

The next three book are slightly different because they are prompted sketch books for children aged 5-9. On Alternate pages there are prompts like “Use this shape to draw a Lion” along with a Hexagon with it’s name. So that the child can learn the name of specific shapes and also use their imagination to draw the prompt.

Two pages from the Interior of Book One

Click the links to order.

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