Funny Gag Notebooks from Krisanto Studios on Amazon

KRISANTO STUDIOS are Independent publishers & we  publish a whole range of diverse books, from Notebooks, Logbooks, Diaries and Gratitude Journals to name but a few.  We like to publish Funny Notebooks with Bright or Cute or Comical covers to bring joy and laughter to your life.  Our latest range of Funny Notebooks are our “Super Power” Range of Funny Gag Journals.  They are great to buy as gifts for your friends, workmates or family members. We have a wide variety, which allows you to find books that express their personalities in order to bring a smile to their faces. Good traits or Bad traits you can find covers that tell a person what you think of them.

Take a look at the Super Power Range:-  Size 7″ x 10″ with 108  white lined Pages.

These Gag Notebooks can be used to write down tasks/ to-do lists/ memories/ thoughts & ideas. The recipients will never forget who gave them this gift.

If you are looking for more Gratitude Journals, especially for Adults, Teenagers or Children we are associated with Mindfulness Press that specializes in these topics.

If you are interested in Books that can help any relative suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Brain Injury from Stroke – The Calm Zone has a wonderful range of No Text Photo Books that can help you with your loved one.

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